Spotlight on PhD Student Mariajose Guevera

February 19, 2021

Mariajose Guevera is a PhD student in the Project 3:  Reliable moorings and risers project stream. Her research focuses on potential improvements to estimates of conductor fatigue life by considering the whole-life response of the surrounding soil.  Using conductor fatigue analysis, Mariajose is focussing on developing “intelligent” p-y curves to model the soil-structure interaction.  She will look at parameter variations by employing the current software used by industry and through finite element modelling; using both centrifuge model experiments and simple shear tests.

“The main goal of my research is to gain an understanding of soil behaviour during the whole life of the well. I will look at how soil stiffness and strength degrade over time and how it is affected during periods of consolidation.”

This knowledge will provide insight into improving current design guidelines and reduce the uncertainties related to soil modelling for the fatigue analysis of vertical conductors.

Mariajose is an active participant in the OFFshore ITRH mentoring program and for further details of her research, please refer to her profile page.

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