OFFshore ITRH awarded 16 million supercomputing hours for 2021

February 17, 2021

The OFFshore ITRH was once again successful in receiving access to world-class, supercomputer facilities through Pawsey’s  Energy and Resources Scheme and the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme (NCMAS) for 2021.

The allocation process was highly competitive across the Australian research community this year with requests for core hours far exceeding capacity.  The project team comprised of Liang Cheng, Lifen Chen, Scott Draper, Hugh Wolgamot, Ian Milne, Wenhua Zhao, Hongyi Jiang, Chengjaio Ren and Andrew Grime were awarded 16 million core hours on supercomputer Magnus and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)’s Gadi (Australia’s fastest supercomputer) for their project “Advanced numerical modelling for developing safer and more efficient marine infrastructure”.

With the ITRH in it’s final year, the increased supercomputing hours will enable researchers to focus on completing current projects while providing maximum the ‘Impact, Engagement and Legacy’ for both the research community and industry partners.

Well done team!


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