OMAE 2017: Call for papers on FLNG

September 26, 2016

pinned_3aFloating liquefied natural gas (FLNG), a new type of offshore structure, has been developed as a game changer in offshore hydrocarbon development for unlocking stranded gas reserves. The concept of offshore processing of gas can reduce costs and environmental impact in key fields. Further development of this technology and the supporting infrastructure is required.

Trondheim, Norway will play host to the 36th OMAE conference from June 25-30 2017. The 1-5 session topic “FLNG Technology” will be organized by OFFshore ITRH researcher Dr. Wenhua Zhao from the University of Western Australia. This topic will cover the following sections: (1) side-by-side offloading, (2) roll motions, (3) sloshing, (4) mooring dynamics, (5) marine risers (SCR, Water-Intake Risers).

Please note that deadline for abstract submission in this session is October 7, 2016. Any queries should be directed to

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