Impact, Engagement, Legacy: MasterClass #2

October 27, 2020

Hot on the heels of the first OFFshore ITRH MasterClass, entitled “Bayesian statistics and forecasting for the offshore industry“, the second session in a series of three presented by OFFshore ITRH members Edward Cripps and Lachlan Astfalck continued to build on the previously laid founding principles of Bayesian model construction.

As part of the OFFshore ITRH’s Impact, Engagement and Legacy initiative, a series of MasterClasses are being presented to disseminate useful principles and tools to the wider offshore industry.  Topics covered in the second session included statistical analysis of computer models, nonlinear internal waves (solitons), water column density profiles, Bayesian hierarchical modelling and uncertainty propagation of soliton model. An example of how Bayesian statistics and forecasting could be directly applied to improving the operation of a offshore floating facility was provided.

The session was well attended, with participants drawn from a broad range of organisations.

Presentation slides and videos from all three MasterClasses will be made available on the OFFshore ITRH’s legacy website in due course.

We look forward seeing you at the final session in mid-November!

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