Impact, Engagement, Legacy: Masterclasses

October 1, 2020

The OFFshore Hub has now entered its final year.  After several years of intense research, during which time PhD students have graduated and outcomes have been published, it is now time to deliver the collective achievement of our efforts in a way that maximises value to our current industry partners, and the wider offshore industry. In order to achieve this we are focussing on activities which maximise Impact (transferring knowledge to change current practice), Engagement (interacting with current industry partners and the wider offshore industry) and Legacy (providing an ongoing profile for the OFFshore Hub and its researchers).

One of our first key engagement activities is to run a series of Masterclasses relevant to the offshore sector.  The first of a three part series entitled Bayesian statistics and forecasting for the offshore industry was recently presented to a packed crowd in Perth’s CBD.  OFFshore ITRH members Edward Cripps and Lachlan Astfalck introduced the foundational principles of Bayesian model construction, with an emphasis on probabilistic forecasting and validation – both factors important in the decision-making process for unknown future events. The prediction of metocean processes important to the behaviour of offshore structures was used to demonstrate the power of this important technique.

Future classes will build on the techniques introduced in the first session and will continue to explore the impact of propagating the parametric uncertainty of oceanic and atmospheric processes on Australia’s North-West Shelf through in validated computer models of key physical processes. A video of these sessions will available on the OFFshore Hub website as part of our legacy focus.

We look forward to welcoming you to our future  sessions.

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