ICE Publishing Awards 2021 Recipients

May 21, 2021

Each year ICE Publishing celebrates the best work published in its journals with the ICE Publishing Awards.  This year OFFshore ITRH members Zefeng Zhou, Conleth O’Loughlin and David White are proud recipients of the 2021 Telford Gold Medal, Best Paper Overall for their work entitled An effective stress analysis for predicting the evolution of SCR–seabed stiffness accounting for consolidation.

Their paper summarises experimental data that shows that the long-term cyclic vertical motion of a SCR within the touchdown zone leads to a reduction in seabed strength due to remoulding and water entrainment, but that this degradation is eclipsed by the regain in soil strength during consolidation.

The peer evaluated ICE Publishing Awards are open to both industry and academia.  Judging criteria is based on the exceptional quality of the journal submission and its benefit to the civil engineering, construction and materials science community.

This year’s winning papers discuss challenges that civil engineers are currently working on to ensure sustainable development including renewable energy, low emission transport, resource management and safety.

Each paper is free to view on ICE Virtual Library in perpetuity as part of their commitment to furthering knowledge and best practice.

Congratulations to Zefeng, Conleth and Dave on their exceptional achievement!

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