2018 ARC Major Investments Forum

May 8, 2018

OFFshore ITRH Director Prof Phil Watson and Manager Dr Andrew Grime recently attended the 2018 ARC Major Investments Forum in Canberra. The purpose of this annual event is to showcase the research underway in the various ARC large investment initiatives and acquire lessons learned from other groups on how to improve the running of the various large investments.  The ARC large investment initiatives are comprised of Special Research Initiatives, Centres of Excellence and Research Hubs/ Training Centres, which form part of the Industry Transformation Program.

Phil Watson was given the opportunity to showcase some of the great work underway in the OFFshore ITRH, with a strong emphasis on the realized and potential impact of our broad program of works.

Andrew Grime attended a day long workshop at which the Chief Operating Officers/ Managers of the large investments shared knowledge on training opportunities for members, how to increase budget agility to allow focus on high impact activities, and ways to measure industry impact resulting from translation of research outputs.

Liz Visher of the Australian Research Council shared valuable insights into what a successful investment looks like during the establishment, review/operation and translation/ wind-up stages of its life.  It is encouraging to see that the OFFshore ITRH is tracking well after only two of five years.

This event was a great success and we look forward to the 2019 forum where we’ll be given the opportunity to re-engage with contacts and share an update in our research progress.

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