Riding the Wave at KOZWaves 2018

February 20, 2018

Professor Paul Taylor, Dr Ian Milne and Dr Hugh Wolgamot of the OFFshore ITRH Wave-structure interaction project stream recently attended KOZWaves, the 3rd Australasian Conference on Wave Science, at the Auckland University of Technology.

The conference is a forum for contemporary research on wave science, promoting interdisciplinary collaborations between Australasian wave scientists, and international researchers. It focuses on advancing theoretical, numerical and experimental techniques across the different branches of wave science, including acoustics, elasticity, electromagnetism and water waves.

The conference brought together both local and international experts in wave science and had a strong showing from the water wave community.  UWA presenters were well received and showcased the latest Hub research, speaking on rough seas, the application of numerically-derived ocean wave spectra and nonlinear waves in narrow gaps.

Potential collaborations between the OFFshore ITRH and The University of Melbourne were explored, looking at how to combine our collective expertise in wave modelling and hydrodynamics. Watch this space.

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