Spotlight on PhD Student Dunja Stanisic

February 9, 2018

Dunja Stanisic is one of the PhD students in the Project 3: Reliable Moorings and Risers project stream. Dunja’s research explores mooring systems, looking at extreme loads in the mooring lines of offshore floating facilities. Extreme mooring loads are difficult to predict due to the randomness of the environment (waves, wind and current) and the complexities of predicting vessel motion. Current industry practice relies on numerous simulations and lengthy calculations.

“My research aims to develop a reliable, time efficient method for obtaining extreme mooring loads with less computational effort. The first step is to gain an understanding of the current design practice and the validity it achieves. From there new methodology can be established, which reduces the number of simulations required for each load case by at least a third to attain a level of accuracy consistent with current industry practice.”

Implementation of this new methodology to explore the reliability of both the mooring chains for offshore floating facilities, and the piles to which the mooring chains are attached, will assist industry partners to design safer structures more efficiently, reducing costs and improving structural longevity.

Dunja is an active participant in the OFFshore ITRH mentoring program. Incremental publication of Dunja’s research is listed here, and further details are available on Dunja’s profile page.

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