Impact, Engagement, Legacy: Final Bayesian Statistics MasterClass

January 13, 2021

The final session of the OFFshore ITRH MasterClass, entitled “Bayesian statistics and forecasting for the offshore industry“ was recently presented by OFFshore ITRH members Edward Cripps and Ivica Janekovic as part of the OFFshore ITRH’s Impact, Engagement and Legacy initiative. Previous sessions laid the mathematical foundation of Bayesian model construction. Session three focused on concrete examples of how the application of Bayesian statistics can reduce forecast uncertainty, improving future decisions and lowering operating costs for the wider offshore industry.

Dr Cripps presented his work on how mixture models for non-standard spatio-temporal data could be applied to climate inference for continental Australian daily rainfall. Dr Janekovic spoke on 4D-Var data assimilation on the Australia’s North West Shelf, a method ideally suited to combining high resolution model dynamics and available observations (data points).

This well attended event was positively received with many insightful questions being asked throughout.

Presentation slides and videos from all three MasterClasses will be made available on the OFFshore ITRH’s legacy website in due course.

Stay tuned!

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