Dr Wenhua Zhao wins Best Paper Award for 2016

December 21, 2016

OFFshore ITRH researcher Dr Wenhua Zhao has, together with his collaborators Ningbo Gao, Jianmin Yang & Xin Li (all Shanghai Jiao Tong University), won the 2016 best paper award from the Journal of Ships and Offshore Structures for a paper entitled “Numerical simulation of deterministic freak wave sequences and wave-structure interaction”. In this study, a freak wave is generated in CFD and its interaction with a fixed cylinder is investigated. The numerical work is then compared with field data in order to demonstrate the accuracy of the model. The winning publication may be accessed here.

Dr Zhao is a Chief Investigator in the Project 2 (Wave-structure interaction) stream of the OFFshore ITRH, whose current research interests include wave-structure interactions, numerical and experimental modelling of the gap resonance problem relevant to side-by-side offloading operations, and nonlinear problems in offshore engineering (e.g. sloshing).

More details on Wenhua’s achievements may be found here. Further information about the Project Two project stream may be found here.

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