Collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute

August 30, 2018

In late 2017 OFFshore ITRH Chief Investigators Dr Ed Cripps and Professor Melinda Hodkiewicz were visited by highly regarded mathematician Professor Mark Girolami of The Alan Turing Institute (ATI), the national institute for data science and AI in the UK, to discuss potential collaboration. This led to the signing of a collaboration agreement between UWA and ATI which will used to facilitate the investigation of areas of collective interest.

As a result of the initial visit, a pilot project was identified which involves collaboration with the Project 1 and Project 5 team.  The project involves the introduction of uncertainty in the (already developed) numerical model of soliton generation and behaviour.

The goal is to produce a more statistically robust model by incorporating uncertainty in the inputs, and propagating this uncertainty through the soliton model in a coherent way, so as to produce a predictive distribution of possible outputs to inform operational decision making.

The end result is to create a software package, which can be used by industry partners, to visualise model outputs, with associated uncertainty estimates.  The direct impact of studying the uncertainty in numerical modelling and large data sets will be to create software tools for industry that improve efficiency, enhance safety, and minimise downtime.

Fast forward to August 2018, when the OFFShore ITRH, in conjunction with Shell, hosted members of ATI for a week of workshops to explore further collaboration opportunities that will ultimately add significant value to the OFFshore Hub and its outcomes.


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