World-class Ocean Engineering Expert Peter Tromans Visits the OFFshore Hub

March 8, 2019

The OFFshore ITRH is readying itself for the imminent arrival of Prof Peter Tromans, current Chairman of Ocean Wave Engineering Ltd in Oxford, UK.

Prof Tromans has vast ocean engineering experience having worked at Shell for over 20 years in different roles, including as leader of the Response Based Design global team, and the Hydrodynamics group leader. During his time at Shell Prof Tromans originated the NewWave theory and has since generalised the probabilistic approach to a wide range of problems, including FPSO mooring response.

Since 1999, Prof Tromans has been working as an ocean engineering consultant to the oil and gas industry. He is a chartered engineer and fellow of the institution of Mechanical Engineers. For the past 18 years he has also held a visiting professor position at Imperial College, London.

As a consultant, Prof Tromans and his team have taken on a wide range of projects, from reliability analysis, dynamic analysis, and long-term response analysis for all types of fixed and floating offshore structures.

During his visit, Prof Tromans will meet with UWA academics, students and industry partners to discuss various aspects of research underway in the OFFshore ITRH and provide valuable advice on our future direction.  In addition, Prof Tromans will present on “The Response of Offshore Structures in Extreme Environmental Conditions” at Woodside, and on “Extreme waves and responses to a sea state” at UWA.

Prof Tromans’ visit will help the OFFshore ITRH further its research aims and enhance its collaboration within academia and the offshore industry , on both a local and international level.  Stay tuned for updates during Prof Tromans’ visit!

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