The OFFshore ITRH are ready to make a splash at OTC Asia 2018

March 16, 2018

Members of the OFFshore ITRH are getting ready for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC Asia) held at the end of March in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

UWA will have a strong presence at the conference with both the Offshore ITRH and the Australian Centre for LNG Futures (ACLNGF) in attendance.  Offshore ITRH Director Phil Watson be chairing a session on FLNG and many others will be presenting papers that highlight excellence and innovation through new efficient processes and solutions.

A UWA booth on the convention floor will provide a platform to showcase research and development projects relevant to the offshore energy resources industries and facilitate discussion between universities and industry stakeholders on how these R&D projects can be applied practically.

In addition, UWA will be participating in the University R&D Showcase and Challenge which takes place on the last day of the conference.  The challenge will provide universities with the opportunity to share current and planned R&D projects that are relevant to offshore technology and allow them to collaborate with industry professionals to develop innovative ideas to address challenges facing the offshore energy sector.

The team, led by Phil Watson, includes PhD students Todd Bond, Rasoul Hejazi, Terry Griffiths and Andrew Zulberti, together with 4 industry guests, will compete against 11 other universities to brainstorm solutions to the question “How can we make future offshore energy development more cost competitive in the growing global energy market?” Winning solutions will be awarded a cash prize to further their research and development activities. Best of luck to the team!


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