Spotlight on PhD Student Andrew Zulberti

December 14, 2020

Andrew Zulberti is one of the PhD students in the Project 1: Metocean hazards from solitons stream.  His research focuses on creating improved methods to accurately forecast waves affecting offshore structures.

“A detailed understanding of the mechanics of near-bed hydrodynamics on continental shelves requires observations spanning  both spatial and temporal scales. At present, physical and numerical models of these flows are not able to resolve all necessary scales of motion, and in-situ observations are both challenging to make and interpret. Recent advances in in-situ sensing technologies and methods of analysis provide potential for improved understanding through novel field measurements. This study will use a unique set of mean and turbulent flow measurements, taken recently on Australia’s Northwest Shelf in partnership with Shell and Woodside, to provide insight into the dynamics of near bed flows on the world’s continental shelves.”

The ability to accurately forecast waves surrounding offshore facilities and their vessel to vessel interactions, will lead to production and offloading efficiencies by reducing costly disruptions and enhancing safety processes.

Andrew is an active participant in the OFFshore ITRH mentoring program and for further details of his research, please refer to his profile page.

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