National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility

CentrifugeThe geotechnical centrifuges at UWA have a long history of servicing local and international industry and the NGCF is structured to maintain world-leading standards of research and provide best-in-class services to our industry partners. The National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility (NGCF) undertakes a wide range research and provision of industry, covering topics that include:

  • determination of geotechnical properties by performing reduced scale in-situ soil characterisation tests on reconstituted soil samples
  • establishment of performance data for model calibration
  • development and validation of technical solutions or new foundation concepts
  • development or validation of final geotechnical designs, and
  • observation of geotechnical behaviour, deformations and failure modes.

The NGCF has modelling capabilities that permit the investigation of design and performance issues associated with shallow and deep foundations, anchors and caissons, pipe-soil interaction, slope stability, retaining structures, tailings and mine construction, embankments and soil characterisation tools.

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